Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's! Play! Lamedroppers!

The object of the game is to post your own,
personal remote connections to B-list celebrities.

The further down the B-list and the sillier
the connection to your own life, the better.

C'mon! It'll be fun!

* * *

For example:

The Lone Ranger's sister-in-law played in my mom's bridge club.

My brother-in-law once almost flew the plane on which Gorbachev
was a passenger.

James Taylor once cut in front of me in line at Zabar's to buy rock candy
for his much-younger girlfriend.

* * *

Strive for obscure celebrities, remote connections, and inconsequential situations. Also, please post only factual lamedroppers.

(Honor system! If you cheat, you're only cheating yourself!)

One more from me:

In 1980, I told a joke to Joe Piscopo at a theme park.

Top that!


Jas P. said...

I once saw Telly Savalas shuffling across the lobby of a hotel in his pajamas. I mean, he was in the pajamas. The hotel wasn't. But it could've been.

In high school, Bruce Jenner told me I needed to "do lots of inverted push-ups" when I asked him how I could learn to pole vault.

I rode in an elevator with Harold Baines and Rudy Law. Rudy Law had a Heineken in each hand.

I helped Timothy Hutton load a drumset into his car.

I saw Elizabeth Taylor's eighth husband (that was Larry the construction worker, right?) going into the Hereford House.

I sat next to Ricky Jay at a bar. He's bloated, obscure, but he's always an A-list to me.

Jas P. said...

I forgot this, until I saw a piece in the NY TImes about "Maude." Some 25 years ago, I ran into Bill Macy, the guy who played Maude's emasculated husband, Walter, at a health food store in Calistoga, CA. Literally ran into him as he was coming out and I was going in. Said excuse me, and he looked annnoyed and just grunted.

mol the doll said...

jas p,

You're using amazing restraint in not using your A-list connections.

I, however, can co-opt yours, as follows:

The guy who used to sit by me at work wrote the speech that Debra Winger read when she introduced Bruce Springsteen at a benefit concert for Double Take Magazine.

m. the d.

P.S. Steve once hugged Robert Bly against his will.

LHOOQ said...

In 1985 I danced with Boy George at a club in NYC.

When Joey Bishop visited my workplace, some of us were chosen to take him to dinner. At the end of the evening, Joey told me I was the worst-dressed girl he'd ever met.

One of my best friends boinked Don McLean.

mol the doll said...

Don McLean: Dead or Canadian?

"[Joey Bishop] and the other members of the Rat Pack were banned from Marilyn Monroe's funeral by Joe DiMaggio." (iMdb)

Maybe he critiqued her, too.