Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No such thing as a "friendly game of Scrabble"

Things you'd never hear in a Scrabble game with my family of origin:

"Oh well, it's only a game."
"That's ok, take your time."
"Hey! Nice play!"
"You won fair and square."
"You're only 8 years old,
so you can look up your word."

Things you'd always hear in a Scrabble game with my family of origin:

"Anybody can win if you get the damn letters."
"Is Q-U-E a word?"
"Whose turn is it?"
"I didn't go to college, and yet I'm beating you by 100 points."
"Whose turn is it?"

One time my mom was so convinced that her son-in-law was "feeling the letters," she made him wear garden gloves. Seriously.

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Jas P. said...

Howard family scrabble is competitive in a completely different way. It's not about scores, or bingos, or any of that. It's about coming up with fake words that you can defend with a definition that's either so perfect or hilarious that everyone lets you use your fake word. The game devolves very quickly, as you can imagine.

For real Scrabble enthusiasts, this is infuriating. Which Howards enjoy.