Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm in a Netfix. Can you help?

Not doing too well with my Netflix queue. The mediocre movies I'm picking sit unwatched on top of the TV for a week or more, and instead of investing two hours in a decent film, I wind up mindlessly watching David Hasselhoff (or worse) on TV. How much Food Channel can I take?

What's in your queue? I especially like sleeper movies that haven't been overhyped. Nothing too violent, please. And no Matt Damon or stuffed-shirt period pieces.


Jas P. said...

No idea what you've seen or haven't seen, but...

1. Junebug--charming, low-budget, well-done
2. The Illusionist--a period piece, but not stuffed-shirty. Ed Norton's great.
3. Good Night & Good Luck
4. Babel (violence, but not too much)
5. Children of Men (violence, and maybe too much of it, but I think it's the best film of 2006)
6. Whale Rider
7. Enduring Love--our most recent Netflix rental, and there's violence at the end, but you could rent it just for the opening. It's from an Ian McEwan novel that I still think has the best opening scene of any story ever, and the movie captures it very well.

and if you don't mind subtitles...

1. Amelie--sublime
2. A Very Long Engagement (not as good as Amelie, but still)
3. Run Lola Run
4. Cache--starts slow, but gets its hooks into you. A great idea for a story.

That's all I can think of right now...

Mol the Doll said...

Thanks, Jim.

I'd heard good things about all those movies
(have seen Whale Rider), but now that they're listy, I'll actually see them.

I have to retract my "no violence" criterion.
Saw and loved "V for Vendetta" last weekend.

Keith Olbermann has been deposed by Stephen Rea as my new Johnny Depp.

Tina said...

Oof, Molly, no on the Matt Damon? You're killin' me! Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy were both very, very good. And this comes from a non-action lover.

Hey, you seen "Little Children" with Kate Winslet? It's great. Full of suburban ennui, plus a hot stay-at-home dad. Yeah, I said it.

I just got our latest Netflix pick in the mail yesterday—"Volver" with Penelope Cruz...she was up for Best Actress for it...and I'm ashamed to say, it'll be my first Pedro Almodovar film. Can't wait to see it.

Other upcoming ones from our queue that I'm excited for..."Pan's Labyrinth," "Sherrybaby," that little film last year with big acclaim for Maggie Gyllenhaal, and "Wordplay," the crossword puzzle documentary (which I believe includes Jon Stewart?).

Also have "Children of Men" at home, can't wait to see it for Clive Owen, even though I'm afraid the "world is ending" theme might give me a case of the Sunday Night Can't Breathes®.

Mol the Doll said...

Thanks, TIna.

Matt Damon reminds me of someone I went to high school with, which I know is not a good reason to dismiss his whole body of work but that's how I operate.

Yeah, Pan's Labyrinth is in my queue too. And Volver should be great.

You know what's good for that Sunday night dread? Gin and tonics. True.