Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nobody ever heard of my candidate.

This is so weird. I took a little Internet quiz today to see which candidate's views are most compatible with mine. Here's my guy:

He's from Alaska. He helped end the draft after Vietnam. He got the Pentagon Papers published.

And he agrees with me on everything.

The war. Healthcare. Immigration. Reproductive freedom. Gay marriage. The IRS.

Is there something wrong with him? Who's his publicist? According to Wikipedia, he came in third (after Obama and Kucinich) in a recent MySpace poll.

Great. Now I'm quoting both Wikipedia and Myspace polls.

Anyone with real info out there? Who IS this guy?


karen said...

never heard of him. where's that poll? i wanna take it and find out who i'm in line with.

Mol the Doll said...

Here's the quiz.

Jas P. said...

I, too, share many of Mike Gravel's views. I saw him on Bill Maher and he seemed a little phony to me, but maybe he's just a nice guy who had a hard time with the format of that show.

I saw a bunch of the Democrats at the Tom Harkin event in Iowa (Gravel wasn't among them), and the only one who came off like a completely authentic human being speaking from the heart was John Edwards. I don't know what's happened to Obama, but it's distressing to see him look so stiff and scripted. And Hillary sounded strident and Joe Biden kind of puffed-up with ego. I don't know. As bad as things are, I still think the Republicans could find a way to sell Fred Thompson as the second coming of Ronald Reagan and beat whoever the Democratic candidate is.

Maybe it's for the best. Anybody who inherits the Bush mess is going to have a terrible time of it.

karen said...

thanks for the link. i'm in line w/ kucinich 100%. no surprise.
the other dems were not far behind. i was in line w/ only one repub on one thing.
i agree w/ jas about john edwards. he's impressed me since he was w/ kerry. he's so natural. obama has gotten too scripted for my taste. it seems phony- which i don't think he is, it's just coming off that way.

Mol the Doll said...

Just saw Gravel on the Howard University debate. It appears his solution to every social ill is to end the "war on drugs."

Moral of the story: Don't choose your candidate on the basis of a simplistic Internet poll.

I'm taking back my vote from this Bob Barker
clone and wondering whether Kucinich can be elected. The charisma just isn't there.

If we get Hillary, we also get Bill...and I really miss Bill.

I'm getting a "no there there" feeling from Obama lately.

Tonight's debate was a lot of "Yeah! What he said!" Not helpful if one is hoping to differentiate one of these people from the rest.

Can't stand Biden. Edwards seems too nice. Dodd too pompous. Richardson too flustered.

I hate to feel this discouraged so early in the game.

Stace said...

I got Chris Dodd. I didn't know who he was either.

I don't care, I'm plenty happy with Clinton and Obama and Edwards. I like 'em all. I worry about Clinton being able to get elected, cause a lot of people hate her for no reason. I always hear that she's "ambitous" and "power-hungry"...which surely describes any presidential candidate? Whatevs.