Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ozarks, Part Deux

Between major household projects around here, so we made the spontaneous decision to visit our friends, the great blue heron of Bagnell Dam. Last time we were there we saw about a hundred of them. This time, only a couple.

However, there were several thousand other other migratory creatures in town.

BIKE FEST! As it turns out, Bagnell Dam is a halfway house for certain bikers on their way home from Sturgis.

Saw all kinds of everything, including my personal favorite, biker guy with small lightning rod sticking out of helmet. Unfortunately, we missed the BIKE FEST! parade. Maybe next year.

And, as another surprise bonus...

MOUNTAIN MEN FESTIVAL! So while we were taking in this idyllic scene:

We got to hear the thundering chatter of musket fire.

It was a good reminder that other psychic worlds are alive and well outside Lenexa.

Contrary to what I'd been led to believe, neither bikers nor mountain men are particularly friendly to those of us outside their cultures. Actually, I'd never been led to believe anything about mountain men, but now you know: Neither they nor Sturgis-y bikers will respond when you say "good morning" if you are a mainstream-looking girl holding the door for them at Casey's General Store.

Unexpected overnight, unexpected bikers, unexpected mountain men. It's fun to know that the universe is still out there throwing surprises around.

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