Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daniel William Jackson is 21 today!

Danny was three years old when "Back to the Future 3" came out. One of Michael J. Fox's lines resonated with him and became his credo for, well, forever, I guess. Danny's read of the line: "Nobody calls me schicken."

He's feisty.

At age 4 he told some loitering suburban poser mall toughs he would "throw them in the trash."

One Halloween, the mean old lady down the street asked pirate Danny "what do you say?" after handing out the candy. She was expecting a thank-you, but instead my son wielded his sword and growled, "I'll cut off your feet."

When Danny had his first set of stitches at age 6, he sat still and didn't even flinch. It was a nasty cut, too, and it left a Nike swoosh scar on his forehead.

No tears when he broke his arm and the doctor had set it with no anesthesia.

A few years ago he had his wisdom teeth extracted, and when he was sitting in the recovery room with a mouthful of bloody gauze, he motioned for me to give him a pen and paper. He wrote this: "Tell them they've been very accommodating." Talk about grace under pressure.

Last night his pals and brothers took him out to try out his new legal ID. Danny volunteered to dance with all the older girls attending a bachelorette party.

Nobody calls him schicken.

Happy Birthday, Dan! LOVE YOU!


Eric Weslander said...

My recollection of Danny's comment to the suburban strip-mall toughs was that he threatened to have me (his older cousin) throw them in the trash. I think there's a saying about not letting your mouth write checks that your cousin's ass can't cash.

Happy B-day to Dan the man! I guess you have to be tough with two big brothers.

ZACK said...

I like your blog title!

Just stopping through....

Happy Belated Birthday to Dan. I was 6 when the movie came out if that makes you feel any better. :)

anita colman said...

hi Molly,
I really got a sense of your son and your pride in him.
Also read your piece about your boys moving back home. I think you could write a warm and funny "Irma Bombeck" type column. Maria O'keefe sits on the other side of my cube wall. She says, "hey!"

I think what you're doing is pretty brave and adventurous. Good luck!
anita colman